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What Are Infused Pre-Rolls and Are They Worth It?

Published On:
September 13, 2023

Read time:
5 Minutes

A person lighting a joint

Just when you thought pre-rolls couldn’t possibly get any better, infused pre-rolls step in to change the game. But what are they?

Not just your ordinary joint, these rolls of ground up flower are infused with a little (or a lot of) something extra designed to elevate your smoking experience.

If you’ve ever wondered whether they’re just a passing fad or if they truly enhance your cannabis experience, you’ve come to the right place. Allow True North Cannabis Co. to break down the different types of infused pre-rolls and whether they’re a worthy addition to your stash!

The Types of Infused Pre-Rolls

Filled with premium ground flower, infused pre-rolls are known for providing even density and a balanced smoke. Add the fact that they’re loaded with some type of cannabis concentrate and you’ve got a brand-new way to experience weed.

The concentrates found in infused joints can be anything from wax to live resin, hash, kief, or more. You’ll find that they’re placed either inside, outside, or on both sides of the joint paper for increased potency and flavour.

a look at wax-infused joints before they’re rolled

1. Wax-Infused Pre-Roll

A wax concentrate is neither liquid nor solid, with its consistency falling somewhere between that of hash oil and shatter. It’s sticky and super pliable, which makes it a versatile option for infused pre-rolls. Ultimately, the texture and appearance depend on the extraction process used by the manufacturer. Sometimes the ends of the pre-roll are dipped in wax, or it’s added before rolling.

2. Live Resin-Infused Pre-Roll

Live-resin concentrate is obtained through the process of washing plants with hydrocarbon solvents like ethanol and butane to separate the trichomes from other plant matter. This yields high-quality extract. Texture-wise, it results in either a thick sap-like liquid, sticky batter, sauce, or crumble.

3. Live Rosin-Infused Pre-Roll

Live rosin is a concentrate that’s made by pressing bubble hash using heat and pressure, without using any solvents. Because it’s extracted without the use of chemical solvents, it’s a “cleaner” choice compared to live resin.

4. Hash-Infused Pre-Roll

Hash, or hashish, is a concentrate made with dried trichomes from a cannabis plant.

It’s made by putting the trichomes under high pressure and heat, resulting in a solid concentrate with a new colour, flavour, texture, appearance, and potency. To ensure an even experience, it’s best to break the hash up in a grinder first before infusing into joint. That way, you won’t destroy your rolling papers with jagged edges and big chunks!

Kief concentrate in a bowl divided into thirds

5. Kief-Infused Pre-Roll

Kief is a powdery substance that comes from the resinous trichomes that cover cannabis flowers. To catch trichomes, the cannabis plant is dry-sifted and rubbed against mesh screens.

Kief-infused pre-rolls sprinkle this potent substance onto the cannabis flower before rolling, boosting the THC content and providing a more powerful high.

6. Diamond-Infused Pre-Roll

This type of cannabis concentrate contains THCa (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid) and is a translucent sediment that looks like crystals or small rocks. It results from the process of obtaining another extract called “juice.”

Diamonds are flavourless because they are made up of 100% cannabinoids and little to no terpenes. They are non-psychedelic on its own, but turns to THC once heated through decarboxlyation. Diamond-infused prerolls are usually combined with other live resin concentrates for flavour.

7. Distillate-Infused Pre-Roll

This potent concentrate is a form of cannabis oil that goes through a distillation process to refine and purify the substance. The result is a nearly pure form of THC, CBD, or CBN, depending on the source material and intended use.

Cannabis distillate is typically added to the interior or exterior of the rolling paper before the pre-roll is filled with ground flower. It can be applied as a thin coating along the inside of the rolling paper or directly into the cannabis flower for an even smoke.

Are Infused Prerolls Worth It?

Now that we’ve answered the question “What are infused pre-rolls?” you’re probably wondering, “Are they worth it?”

Here’s the thing: the quality of pre-rolled joints depends on the type of cannabis concentrates used. Those infused with kief and wax are not going to be as strong or flavourful as joints infused with terpene-packed live resin. At the end of the day, it comes down to your level of tolerance and experience.

The convenience of an infused pre-roll is undeniable, though. You might also find that they burn slower but produce a harder hit. All in all, we think they’re pretty cool.

4 Types of Infused Prerolls Worth Trying

1. -NESS Pumpkin Spice Infused Pre-Roll

NESS Pumpkin Spice Infused Pre-Roll

Strain type: Sativa
THC: 35%
Effects: Energetic, happy, creative, focused, and inspired

Any pumpkin spice enthusiast will get a real kick out of this distillate-infused preroll! It boasts a classic flavour, high THC potency, and botanical terpenes.

2. HIGHLAND GROW Frostbite Iced Blunts

HIGHLAND GROW Frostbite Iced Blunts
Strain type: Sativa
THC: 30%
Effects: Energetic, happy, creative, focused, and inspired

This infused pre-roll features Highland’s legendary Frostbite strain and Bubble Hash—a flavourful, high-potency product that you’ll definitely want a bite of.

3. BIG Big Hitter Infused Pre-Roll

BIG Big Hitter Infused Pre-Roll
Strain type: Hybrid
THC: 33%
Effects: Calm, energetic, happy, and relaxed

Packing big flavours and a smooth smoke, this infused pre-roll is a powerful combo of live rosin encased in GMO and hand-rolled into a pre-roll for hash lovers. Go big or home, right?

4. RIFF’s Melonaide Diamond Infused Pre-Roll

RIFF’s Melonaide Diamond Infused Pre-Roll
Strain type: Sativa
THC: 35%
Effects: Energetic, happy, creative, focused, and inspired

These diamond-infused prerolls from RIFF are made with THCa diamonds and small-batch craft cannabis. Featuring notes of lemonade and melon, you’ll find that it’s smooth and yet still packs a punch.

Infuse Your Stash with Great Pre-Rolls

Ready to start your journey with premium infused pre-rolls?

Don’t miss out on this cannabis revolution! Visit your local True North Cannabis Co. and chat with our experienced budtenders to learn more about this innovative product line. With 51+ locations and counting, we’ve established ourselves as Canada’s largest independent cannabis retailer.

Don’t forget to sign up for our VIP program for fantastic deals and discounts while you’re at it!

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