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7 Types of Bongs: Choose Your Character!

Published On:
April 25, 2024

Read time:
5 Minutes

A person holding a clear glass bong with a weed leaf design

Straight or circular, glass or rubber—bongs come in all shapes and sizes, and part of the fun is choosing one that fits you just right. Like videogame characters, each type of bong has “specialties” that level up your smoking style in different ways.

If levelling up is exactly what you’re looking for, you’re on the right page. In this guide, we’re breaking down the different types of bongs and their pros and cons to help you find your perfect match.

Grab your grinder and let’s jump into the best types of bongs for your next sesh!

Comparing Bong Types by Shape

How different types of bongs filter smoke often depends on their shape. Curves make for cleaner smoke, while straight tube bongs give a stronger punch. Let’s start by comparing bong types by shape!

1. Percolator Bongs

💨 Recommended for experienced smokers
🌿 Budtender Picks: Bamboo Blaze Glass 14” Coloured Perc Bong

A coloured percolator glass bong from Bamboo Glaze

The percolator or “perc” is a type of bong with an A+ filter game. The percolator—a filtration feature within the bong—diffuses the smoke before it passes through the water, reducing the harshness and cooling the smoke effectively.

Pros Cons
✔ Diffused downstem or discs create enhanced filtration
✔ Great for preserving terpene flavours
✔ Delivers exceptionally smooth hits
✖️ Complex to clean
✖️ Can get clogged more easily vs. straight tube bongs


2. Straight-Tube Bongs

💨 Recommended for beginners or casualsmokers

The classic straight-tube bong has been delivering no-frills rips since the dawn of smoking. Its iconic cylindrical design doesn’t need flashy tricks—just straightforward filtration backed by years of trusty performance.

Pros Cons
✔ Easy to use and clean
✔ Inexpensive and easy to find
✔ Smooth and controlled hits
✖️ Basic filtration with less cooling power
✖️ Can tip over easily due to their design
✖️ Not as durable as other bong types


3. Beaker Bongs

💨 Recommended for heavy-hitters
🌿 Budtender Picks: Bamboo Blaze Glass 12” Beaker Bong With Ice Pinch

 12-inch glass beaker bong from Bamboo Blaze

When it comes to bong shapes, the beaker bong is king. Named for its beaker-like shape at the base, these types of bongs are designed for larger water volumes, meaning cooler and smoother hits.

Pros Cons
✔ Wide base offers excellent stability
✔ Large smoke chamber and water volume
✔ High-quality glass bongs
✖️ Less portable and challenging to store
✖️ More glass means more expensive


4. Zig-Zag Bong

💨 Recommended for flavour chasers and individuals with unique aesthetics

Zig-zags take bongs from purely pragmatic to “Whoa, that’s art!” Among all types of bongs, this is the one you get if you want to make a statement. Twisting internal pathways shift your rips through a zany maze, delivering cool, smooth hits. In addition to looking great, its design acts as a splash guard to prevent water from reaching the mouthpiece. Practical and pretty!

Pros Cons
✔ Unique, creative path creates extra cooling
✔ Different zigs offer varying drag/air ratios
✖️ Cleaning can be tricky
✖️ More delicate than straight shooters


5. Circular Bong

💨 Recommended for casual, on-the-go use
🌿 Budtender Picks: Bamboo Blaze Glass 8” Circular Bong

 Blue circular glass bong from True North

Circular bongs, or round-base bongs, are similar to beaker bongs but with a spherical water chamber. This type of bong bowl has a low centre of gravity that anchors it in place, though it’s not quite as stable as classic beaker bongs. Their circular base allows for a good volume of water, enhancing the filtration process.

Pros Cons
✔ Spherical base offers good stability
✔ Smooth, clean smoke
✖️ The shape can be difficult to handle
✖️ Can feel a bit top-heavy when cleared


6. Recycler or Multi-Chamber Bongs

💨 Recommended for individuals who prioritize maximum filtration and smoke recycling

If you want to smoke like an absolute purist, turn to the multi-chambered types of bongs. These maze-like rigs pass your hits through a continual cycle of cooling filtration for supremely sipped, clean terp enlightenment. Different types of bongs belong to this category but trust us, they’re all good for a cool smoke.

Pros Cons
✔ Ultra smooth, chilled hits that preserve terpenes
✔ Hits feel “cleaner” and more refreshing
✔ Offer the highest-quality smoke
✖️ Complex designs equate to a higher price point
✖️ Constant filtration can slightly diminish punch
✖️ Significantly harder to clean


7. Bubbler

💨 Recommended for smokers who want portability
🌿 Budtender Picks: Bamboo Blaze Glass 7” Swirl Bubbler

Swirl glass bubbler from TNCC

Bubblers offer the best of both worlds by combining the filtration technology of a bong with a handheld pipe. This bong type is compact, easy to handle, and great for personal use or travel. However, their compact size also means they hold less water, which can mean a harsher smoke than larger glass bongs.

Pros Cons
✔ Easy to use
✔ Portable and discreet
✔ Versatile and good for various smoking styles
✖️ Has a smaller smoke capacity and limited water filtration
✖️ Holds less water which can mean a harsher smoke
✖️ Challenging to clean thoroughly


Comparing Bong Types by Material

From classic glass to the more modern silicone bong, each type of bong material offers distinct benefits and challenges. Let’s explore how bong materials impact durability, taste, and maintenance.

Type Best for… Pros Cons
Glass Bongs Flavour purists ✔ Heat-resistant and very durable
✔ Does not alter the flavour of the smoke
✔ Clean aesthetic
✖️ Can break or crack if dropped
✖️ More fragile than other types
Acrylic Bongs Beginners or budget-conscious smokers ✔ Less fragile than glass
✔ Inexpensive
✔ Fun colours and designs
✖️ Plastic can impact flavour over time
✖️ Not as durable as high-quality glass
Ceramic Bongs Collectors, artisan enthusiasts ✔ Can be a piece of art
✔ Premium look and feel
✔ Long-lasting if properly cured/glazed
✖️ Porous surface can absorb odours and resins
✖️ Heavier and not as durable
Silicone Bongs Active, outdoor-loving individuals ✔ Flexible material
✔ Almost indestructible
✔ Great for travel, hiking, or camping
✔ Low maintenance
✖️ Can retain odours and flavours
✖️ Can feel “floppy”
Metal Bongs Compact seekers, durability above all ✔ Won’t break if dropped
✔ Great for rough conditions
✖️ Gets very hot
✖️ Not as sleek or premium-feeling as glass bongs


Find the Perfect Bong at Your Local True North Dispensary

Elevate your smoking accessory game with the best bong types in Ontario at True North Cannabis Co.!

We’re the province’s largest independent cannabis retailer, so you know our selection of bongs is unmatched. From high-quality buds to grinders, rolling trays, and lighters—we’ve got your next session covered.

What are you waiting for? Smoking accessories are 10% off every Friday! Shop online or visit one of our 50+ stores across Ontario.

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