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The Ultimate Prince Edward County Itinerary for Non-Wine Drinkers

Published On:
June 20, 2022

Read time:
4 Minutes

a barn in the middle of a field in Prince Edward County

Being Ontario’s fastest-growing wine region, Prince Edward County has put its name on the map as a top destination for wine enthusiasts. 

But don’t be fooled—alcoholic beverages isn’t all this stunning place has to offer to you and your friends! If wine isn’t your cup of tea, PEC will steal your heart because of its breathtaking parks, exciting bike tours, unique shopping destinations, and heartwarming live music. With so many options, you’ll never have to wonder what to do in PEC again. 

Read on to discover the ultimate Prince Edward County itinerary for non-wine drinkers!

 A cannabis beverage poured into a glass

Be Adventure Ready with True North Cannabis Co. Essentials 

Often, those who visit Prince Edward County have one goal in mind: to slow down and enjoy the “county time.” So whether you’re cycling, hiking, strolling across the county’s 800km shoreline, or immersing yourself in live shows, you’ll have plenty of reasons to elevate this beautiful adventure with your favourite consumables.

If you’re starting your trip in Trenton, Belleville, or Napanee, make sure to hit up True North Cannabis Co. for your essentials! 

Trenton Dispensary Top Products:

Belleville Dispensary Top Products:

Napanee Dispensary Top Products:



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What to Do In PEC 

Sandbanks Provincial Park

If you’ve come all the way to PEC, why not take a look at its beauty from the best view possible? From the Prince Edward County beaches to the hiking trails, this place allows you to do just that.



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A post shared by Prince Edward County 🍂🌾🍇🍻 (@visitthecounty)


At Sandbanks Provincial Park, there are plenty of hiking trails you can take to get you pumped for the rest of your Prince Edward County itinerary. Whether you decide to go on the Woodlands Trail (3.5km) or the Richardson’s Trail (1km), every step you take will bring you closer to the stunning wildlife it has to offer.


With Sandbanks Provincial Park having the world’s largest bay mouth barrier dune formation, you can’t possibly forego the beaches on your Prince Edward County itinerary. Dunes Beach, Outlet Beach, and Sandbanks beach are ready to make it a trip to remember—don’t forget to pack your infused beverages, you’re about to get thirsty! 

Bike Tours

Cycling is a huge deal in the county, so make sure you bring your bike and helmet with you! If you like travelling light, you could always opt for rentals instead.

You’ll get a real kick out of the Millennium Trail that stretches all the from Picton to Carrying Place—that’s 46km of conservation areas and tree-lined paths that will transform it into a refreshing Prince Edward County getaway. 



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A post shared by Prince Edward County 🍂🌾🍇🍻 (@visitthecounty)


Is it really a vacation if you don’t go shopping? Your Prince Edward County itinerary should be no exception! Trust us; it won’t be your typical shopping spree. 

The Alpaca Life

You’ll discover stores like The SHED at Chetwyn Farms, where you can buy locally spun-yarns, alpaca throws, blankets, fashion accessories, and so much more.



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A post shared by SHED Chetwyn Farms | Alpaca (@shedchetwynfarms)

Unique Jewellery Finds

On top of that, you’ll also find Anice Jewellery—it’s where you can walk straight into a life-sized jewellery box with vintage pieces, new collections, and custom pieces. They also offer wedding and engagement jewellery-making workshops!



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A post shared by ANICE (@anicejewellery)

Live Shows

If you’re wondering what to do in PEC, the list could go on forever. But one thing’s for sure—the performing arts in this county are on a whole other level.

Mustang Drive-In

When the doors to summertime open, so do the curtains of the Mustang Drive-In. You can catch local comedy and drama productions as they take centre stage here (we recommend packing the pre-rolls). It’s one of the top places to visit in Prince Edward County. 


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A post shared by Mustang Drive In PEC (@mustangdriveinpec)

The Regent Theatre

At The Regent Theatre, you can look forward to year-round entertainment that embodies their cultural heritage. Jazz festivals, live opera, special screenings of local films, and comedy shows are just a few of the events you can grab tickets for! It’s definitely one of the best things to do at Prince Edward County.



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A post shared by The Regent Theatre – Picton (@regenttheatrepicton)

Satisfying Munchies

Whether you have the munchies from all that cycling, hiking, or shopping, count on it that you can eat your heart out in this lovely county. Don’t just think about what to do in PEC, dive into the options of what to eat in PEC! They don’t call it “the Gastronomic Capital of Ontario” for no reason.

The Vic Drive-In

This place offers a full, old-school drive-in experience in the comfort of your car (but dine-in works too!) Whether it’s fresh Ontario beef burgers or their iconic tater tots, there’s something for everyone here. Vegans, vegetarians, and meat-lovers can all satisfy their munchies at the Vic Drive-In. 



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A post shared by 🍊 The Vic (

The Acoustic Grill

If great music and delicious food is a combo you just can’t say no to, then add the Acoustic Grill to your Prince Edward County itinerary. 

They offer a wide selection of food made with the freshest local ingredients. Their salads, sandwiches, and chicken wings all have a reputation for being incredible. You can munch on it all as you vibe to the beats of talented musicians. 



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A post shared by The Acoustic Grill (@theacousticgrill)

Upgrade Your Prince Edward County Itinerary with True North Cannabis Co. 

Now that you know what to do in PEC, it’s time to pack your bags, drop by the nearest True North Cannabis Co. dispensary to stock up on essentials, and head on over to this lovely county! 

At True North Cannabis Co., we offer only the finest selections of flowers, pre-rolls, vaporizers, concentrates, edibles, topicals, and accessories. Our lowest prices in the market and deep product knowledge will keep you coming back for more.

If you’re starting your trip to PEC in Napanee, Belleville, or Trenton, make sure to drop by our stores in the area to avail of our daily promotions!

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