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20 Cannabis Beverages That’ll Quench Your Thirst This Summer

Published On:
May 3, 2023

Read time:
5 Minutes

a person in a pink shirt pours a Tweed Grapefruit drink into a glass

Let’s all raise our glasses to it finally being summer!

True North Cannabis Co. is your one-stop source for cannabis beverages (along with a wide range of other cannabis goodies) that are sure to make your summer days even better. Whether you’re floating down a lazy river in Ontario or planning a relaxing beach day, our growing list of dispensaries across the province has got you covered.

From CBD infused beverages to THC drinks, here are the top 20 cannabis refreshments you should stock your fridge with this summer.

1. Summer Punch Sparkling Beverage by Phresh

Phresh Cannabis Cultivation's Summer Punch Sparkling Beverage

Kickstart your summer with this cannabis drink that truly packs a punch! With 10% THC, the Summer Punch Sparkling Beverage allows you to achieve both head and body buzz.

2. Lemon Iced Tea Beverage by XMG

XMG’s Lemon Iced Tea Beverage

Is it even summer if you’re not sipping on iced tea? Put a spin on it with this lemon-y cannabis beverage from XMG that has 10% THC. This one is a TNCC favourite!

3. Pineapple Express Sparkling Beverage by Phresh Cannabis Cultivation

 Phresh Cannabis Cultivation's Pineapple Express Sparkling Beverage

All aboard the Pineapple Express! Indulge in one of the cannabis drinks around that pairs with 100% tropical fruit goodness with 10% THC.

4. Lime Sparkling Water by Tweed

 Tweed’s Lime Sparkling Water

Summertime in Canada is all about citrus! Tweed’s Lime Sparkling Water is infused with 2.5mg of sativa-dominant THC for that creative, focused, and inspired feeling.

5. Mint + Honey Green Sparkling Tea by Embody

Embody’s Mint + Honey Green Sparkling Tea

Mint, honey, and green tea is a combo to help you beat the summer heat. This is one of the tastiest CBD infused beverages around, with 40% CBD and 2% THC.

6. Limon Splashdown by Deep Space

 Deep Space’s Limon Splashdown

Splash down into refreshing lemon and lime goodness! This 10mg THC-infused carbonated beverage is ready to light up summers all across Canada.

7. Blue Raspberry Beverage by XMG

XMG’s Blue Raspberry Beverage

Cannabis infused beverages exploding with raspberry flavours are an ultimate must-have for the summer season. This one by XMG has 10% THC to fuel your adventures—get it at TNCC today and see for yourself!

8. Fruit Cannabis Drink by XMG

XMG’s Tropical Fruit Cannabis Drink

What better way to quench your thirst than with some tropical fruity goodness? Infused with 10mg of THC, you can anticipate calm, happy, relaxed, and energetic effects.

9. Watermelon Fizz by Tweed

Watermelon Fizz cannabis drink

Feel the watermelon fizz from one of the most refreshing cannabis infused beverages! This one by Tweed combines natural watermelon flavour, 5mg THC, and effervescent carbonated water for a food for the soul feeling.

10. Alt Black Cherry by XMG

XMG Alt Black Cherry cannabis beverage

Like the cherry on top of your summer, XMG Alt Black Cherry is a hybrid drink with 10mg THC and all-natural flavours—plus, it’s made without sugar!

11. The Grape Unknown by Deep Space

 The Grape Unknown beverage

Dive into the Grape Unknown with this cannabis drink by Deep Space. This sativa strain drink has a nostalgic grade soda taste and 10mg of THC, making it one of the tastiest cannabis infused beverages we sell.

12. OG Cola Sugar-Free by Sweet Justice

 OG Cola Sugar-Free

As one of the top cannabis drinks around, Sweet Justice tastes just like pop without the sugar, caffeine, and calories—and is cannabis infused, of course.

13. Sparkling Peach by Little Victory

Sparkling Peach cannabis drink

If you’re looking for something a little bit more flavourful than your usual sparkling waters, then Sparkling Peach will feel like a big little victory. It’s a naturally sweetened, fruit-flavoured beverage with 2.5 mg CBD and 2.5 mg THC.

14. Mango Pineapple & Coconut Sparkling Juice by Collective Project

A drink by the Collective Project

Mango and coconut is a combo that’s hard to beat from Collective Project. In addition to its balanced and fresh ingredients, it’s packed with 5% THC and 5% CBD.

15. Cranberry Citrus Sparkling Water by House of Terpenes

 Cranberry Citrus Sparkling Water

This offering from House of Terpenes is one of the most dazzling sparkling waters and THC drinks you’ll ever sip, combining the delicious flavours of cranberry, lime, and orange zest. This one is definitely TNCC approved!

16. Senorita by Senorita

Senorita by Senorita

This is another fast-absorbing THC drink deserving an applause. It’s a refreshing lime cannabis concoction peppered with Mexican agave, jalapeno, and Himalayan salt.

17. Elderflower Pom by Sweet Justice

 Elderflower Pom by Sweet Justice

There’s no other way to put it: Elderflower Pom is summer in a can! This zesty sipper has a balanced ratio of THC and CBD, giving you the best of both worlds—while being totally refreshing on a hot day, of course.

18. Terpene Smash by Klon Beverages

Terpene Smash

Turning your summer into a smash-hit is easy with Terpene Smash by Klon Beverages. It’s one of the few cannabis infused drinks with a perfect balance of 6% THC and CBD.

19. Cann Lime Basil by Cann Social Tonic

Cann Lime Basil Tonic

Tonics are extra refreshing and a huge yes for summer time. This lime-basil combo from Cann Social Tonic has a true zest for life that can have a calming, relaxing effect. Don’t go through summer in Canada without your favourite tonics, friends!

20. Pulsar Peach by Deep Space Propulsion

Pulsar Peach by Deep Space Propulsion

If you’re going to the beaches, don’t forget to bring some peaches—in drink form, of course. Pulsar Peach by Deep Space Propulsion has 10 mg of THC and CBD, making it one of the most exciting cannabis drinks we have.

Cannabis Infused Beverages at True North Cannabis Co.

Whether it’s cannabis drinks, edibles, pre-rolls, flowers, vaporizers, concentrates, or topicals, Ontarians can count on us for the best brands at affordable prices.

As your neighbourhood dispensary, it’s our top priority to provide a personalized experience from the moment you step in our doors. TNCC is all about offering competitive prices while catering to the Canadian lifestyle—we do this for you!

Stop by your local shop today and ask about our daily store promotions or sign up for our VIP program!

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