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These Are The 9 Best Shows to Watch When High

Published On:
January 11, 2023

Read time:
4 Minutes

Three people sitting on the couch while watching the show on the TV

There’s nothing quite like a night of binge watching an entire series to complete your weekend—or entire week, no judgment—but what if you could take this experience to a whole new level? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know what we’re getting at… we’re talking about watching shows while high.

Research indicates that smoking cannabis could put you in a better mood and tends to make the brain more receptive to anything you expose it to—which is likely why it makes the binge watching experience all the more fun.

Curious to see if what they say is true? True North Cannabis Co.’s got you covered with a list of the nine best shows to watch when high!

A jar containing a bunch of cannabis flowers

9 Best Shows to Watch When High

    1. Adventure Time

What time is it? It’s Adventure Time! You’re never too old to join the fantastic adventures of Finn and Jake as they fight monsters, evil entities, and the Ice King. Each episode in this series is a sweet treat because you get two stories in one. From serious short stories to random narratives, this TV show has everything! It even has fun animations that will keep your eyes glued to the screen.

    2. American Horror Story

American Horror Story is a TV series we highly recommend you get into. Despite its name, this show’s “horror” factor is not the usual jumpscare you’d expect. Instead, it taps into the inner fears of humans, which includes insecurities, traumas, and phobias. By using odd visuals and eerie narrative techniques, American Horror Story quickly gets you invested in each character’s story.

This TV show is addictive because each season offers unique themes. You get the chance to walk in a universe with a cursed house, a witch coven, and a freakshow carnival. It’s easy to see why it’s one of the best shows to watch when high. Plus, it has 11 seasons, which means hours and hours of entertainment!

    3. Community

If you want a TV show that constantly tickles your brain and funny bones, you should watch Community. This sitcom takes place in a college setting where unconventional characters come together in a study group and experience various misadventures. It’s a show where you’ll see the characters commit, subvert, or avert to various tropes in popular culture.

The best thing about Community is its genuine randomness that makes you crave more. Moreover, each character’s odd yet lovable personalities serve as a factor that makes this TV show one of the greatest. To really get a sense of the show, we recommend watching the episode “Remedial Chaos Theory” (season 3, episode 4).

A pack of pre-rolls on a table with a person in the background watching Netflix on their laptop

Netflix Shows to Watch When High

Netflix has its own string of exciting shows that are perfect for watching while high. Below are our top recommendations:

    4. The Midnight Gospel

In 2020, Duncan Trussell and Pendleton Ward joined their creative forces to produce The Midnight Gospel. It’s an adult animated series that explores themes of surrealism, the meaning of life, and other mind-boggling topics. The protagonist, Clancy Gilroy, brings you to different planets and invites you to his interviews with other beings.

As one of the best shows to watch when high, the auditory experience of The Midnight Gospel is accompanied by a colourful and trippy visual. Colours and shapes constantly blend and continuously hold your attention throughout each episode.

    5. Love, Death & Robots

Love, Death & Robots is the perfect series to watch when high because of its trippy visual animations. On top of that, it also offers exciting stories that leave you thinking about your significance in the universe. This is because it tackles fun yet otherworldly topics such as technological innovation, the possibilities of other beings in a different universe, and even super-intelligent yogurt!

    6. Black Mirror

If you want to experience catharsis brought about by a one-of-a-kind storytelling technique, Black Mirror is a show you need to see!

What sets this TV show apart from other Netflix shows is its execution. Black Mirror takes you into a hyper-realistic environment that offers you the possibilities of technological advancement. Simultaneously, you also see the problematic and unethical applications of these innovations. This show does a great job of creating a story that gets you invested in its characters.

    7. Headspace Guide to Meditation

If you need a break from life, Netflix presents you with Headspace Guide to Meditation. This is an educational documentary show by Andy Puddicombe. Through this, he shares with you the scientific benefits of meditation and how it can significantly improve your mood.

On top of that, the friendly animation used in the series helps you quickly understand the concepts tackled in each episode. You can undoubtedly slip into a meditative state when you finish watching this.

    8. Cooked With Cannabis

Of course, no cannabis high goes without the munchies. Cooked With Cannabis, allows you to satisfy your cravings by watching talented chefs compete with one another to produce delicious dishes infused with THC and CBD. It’s definitely one of the best shows to watch while high—and while eating!

A box containing cannabis and related accessories while a pair of hands is rolling a joint

   9. Rick and Morty

Whether you’re sober or high, Rick and Morty is a show you need to see. Follow the adventures of the mad scientist, Rick Sanchez and his grandson for a sidekick, Morty, as they travel through space and time. The trippy animations of lights and strange creatures are used to paint the scenes of each episode perfectly. Because of this, combined with the mind-blowing plots, the series is going to make you question the difference between reality and fiction!

Elevate Your Cinematic Experience With True North Cannabis Co.!

Your weekend schedule is going to be packed because of these nine best shows to watch when high! Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without the vital ingredient: cannabis.

True North Cannabis Co. is a Ontario’s largest retail shop that offers flowers, pre-rolls, vapes, and essential accessories that elevate every session. With our top-quality products, watching trippy flicks will give you an experience you’ll never forget. We have over 46 locations across Ontario, find one near you to stock up.

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