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High CBD Strains in Canada You Need to Try

Published On:
February 13, 2024

Read time:
4 Minutes

High CBD weed buds on a True North Cannabis Co. rolling tray

Cannabis strains high in cannabidiol (CBD) are rapidly gaining popularity among both recreational and medical users in Canada. CBD is celebrated for its potential health benefits, offering relief for individuals from a variety of conditions without the intense psychoactive effects associated with high THC strains. 

If you’re in Ontario and are eager to get your hands on the chillest CBD strains, then this list is your go-to source. In this article, we’ll share some of the best high CBD, low THC options available in the Canadian market, perfect for those seeking a milder experience.

Ready? Let’s get started! 

High CBD, Low THC Strains

Organic CBD Critical Cure

 Organic CBD Critical Cure bud from Greenman Acres
Hybrid | THC: 7.4% | CBD: 6.5%

Kicking off our list of high CBD cannabis strains is Greenman Acres Organic CBD Critical Cure. 

This Indica-dominant hybrid is one of the most well-balanced weed strains on our list, giving you a little bit of THC but plenty of CBD to go along with it. Reviewers of the strain report that this bud can be effective at cutting through chronic pain like inflammation and it doesn’t worsen anxiety. 

Golden Banana Balanced

Golden Banana Balanced bud by Wildlife Cannabis Co.
Hybrid | THC: 9.6% | CBD: 11.2%

This high CBD weed strain is golden—in name, effects, and flavour!

With a strong citrus orange aroma combined with skunky undertones, this balanced offshoot of the Haze/Skunk cultivars is undeniably a fan favourite. It takes a bit of time for the effects to kick in, but once they do you’re in for peak relaxation!


 CBD OG Kush bud by Tweed
Indica | THC: 4.5% | CBD: 13.5%

Who needs THC, anyway? Few other CBD strains lean this heavily into their lane while leaving good old THC behind, and we’re all for it! 

This Indica-dominant strain is a cross between a CBD cultivar and the classic OG Kush, making it perfectly flavourful and potent with its 13.5% percent CBD. Expect to feel relaxed and sleepy, making this strain ideal for nighttime use.

Pure Sun CBD

A bud of Pure Sun CBD strain by Pure Sunfarms
Hybrid | THC: 0.6-0.9% | CBD: 16-18%

If there’s a heroic “chosen one” among the ranks of high CBD strains in Canada, it might just be Pure Sun CBD—just look at that ratio! 

This high CBD weed strain is a hand-selected phenotype of the Cannatonic strain, a well-known high CBD, low THC strain. Users often describe this strain’s effects as a relatively short-lived, mellow high that is also uplifting and powerfully relaxing. Some also find that it helps with pain, stress, and anxiety. What’s not to love? 

High CBD Strains (+ High THC)

Notable Nancy

 A Notable Nancy bud from FIGR, one of the best CBD flowers in Canada
Indica | THC: 22.3% | CBD: 20%

With a nearly perfectly balanced CBD-to-THC ratio, Nancy is “notable” for putting people in a good mood—you won’t dare call her negative! 

This CBD flower packs a serious punch; if it’s your first time smoking weed, we probably wouldn’t recommend it. However, for more experienced smokers, buckle up for mild euphoria and unmatched CBD-induced relaxation.

Grape Quake

A close-up bud of Grape Quake, a high CBD strain in Canada
Hybrid | THC: 23% – 29%| CBD: 6%

Grape Quake doesn’t have the most CBD content in this lineup, but it’s still worlds away from other strains on the market (most of which will have >1% CBD content at most).

This strain leads with flavours of grape, accompanied by undertones of Danish pastries, cheese, and cake—a combination sure to delight your senses. Prepare for a calming, relaxing journey with this hybrid!  

Oreoz Breath

Oreoz Breath buds by Coterie clumped together
Hybrid | THC: 26% | CBD: 10%

Now we’re getting a bit higher on the cannabidiol territory as Oreoz Breath boasts high potency and an impressive terpene profile.

When you decide to smoke this strain, you’re likely in for a mellow, calm feeling that starts in the head and washes over you as it settles in. If you’re on the hunt for high CBD strains in Canada, you might find this one to be a sweet breath of fresh air! 

Black Velvet

Highland Grow Black Velvet bud, one of the best high CBD cannabis strains
Indica | THC: 28% – 34% | CBD: 6%

Some of the best high CBD weed is also high in THC. Similar to Grape Quake, Highland Grow’s Black Velvet strain falls on the higher end of the spectrum for both its THC and CBD content. 

Its sticky buds—which are delightfully colourful—pack fruity and floral aromas, with some undertones of grapefruit, too. Most users find themselves in for a sweet smoke and a mellow high that glues them to the couch for hours of relaxation. 

Shop High CBD Strains at True North Cannabis Co.

If a high CBD strain (or several) on this list piqued your interest, we’d like to turn your attention to Ontario’s largest dispensary for all your cannabis needs: True North Cannabis Co.! 

Shop for high-CBD strains online or explore your local dispensary to find what else we’ve got on our shelves. Don’t forget to say hi to our budtenders—they have all the latest info on our daily promotions and will walk you through the exclusive benefits of joining our VIP Program

Shop now while these great CBD strains are still available!

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