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Budtender Strain of the Month: Amsterdam Sativa

Published On:
April 26, 2023

Read time:
4 Minutes

Highly Dutch Organic Amsterdam Sativa custom graphic

Do you know what’s even better than weed? Organic weed.

Sustainability is more than just a passing trend—whether it’s food, clothing, beauty products, or even weed, consumers are simply drawn to organic products. In fact, U.S. organic sales surpassed $63 billion for the first time in 2021.

And when it comes to organic weed, nothing comes close to Highly Dutch Organic Amsterdam Sativa.

Highly Dutch Organic’s Amsterdam Sativa is a rotating selection of organic, high-potency sativa flowers. You can definitely expect sweet floral flavours and aromas—but don’t be deceived. It packs a punch with its high THC content, which makes it perfect for any daytime occasion. With a consistent smoke everytime, you can expect this bud to recalibrate your senses so you can go with the flow as you create euphoric moments that bring out your most artistic side.

In this article, True North Cannabis Co. takes a closer look at the Amsterdam Sativa strain and all it has to offer. Whether you’re looking to try organic weed for the first time or simply want to explore an exciting new strain, this one’s definitely worth a shot!

A Brief History of the Amsterdam Sativa Strain

The secret behind the magic of Amsterdam Sativa lies in its roots. To fully understand its greatness, we must dive into its history.

First released in 2021, Highly Dutch Organic’s Amsterdam Sativa strain originates from and is still grown to perfection in Ontario. It’s also sisters with another popular organic cannabis supplier, The Green Organic Dutchman, both of which are known for their hybrid greenhouse growing methods.

Speaking of its organic roots, the popular flower uses the best of nature to flourish—from root beds in living soil, to natural sunlight and purified rainwater—this good organic weed required no synthetic pesticides or synthetic fertilizers to achieve its notoriety. As for the curing process, these precious flowers are expertly hung dried to maintain a balanced humidity level that protects the integrity of their terpenes and trichomes.

The Amsterdam Sativa strain packs a punch with high THC levels averaging 25% to 32% and medium CBD levels averaging 0% to 2%. Organic cannabis grown in living soil has been studied to yield more potent terpenes, and Amersterdam Satvia is a testament to that with 1% to 3% terpene levels.

It’s no surprise that this strain has quickly become a crowd favourite—and you don’t even need to break the bank to taste its greatness!

Amsterdam Sativa Strain Profile

Amsterdam Sativa Strain Profile


Amsterdam Sativa features mostly light-green coloured buds, but you’ll also find some orange pistils peeking through.

Aroma and Flavours:

What people love most about this strain is that it’s packed with just the right amount of sweet floral and herbal aromas. Upon inhalation, you’ll experience its true citrusy sour, earthy, and piney flavours make a cameo and quickly turn into a nice peppery aftertaste.

Terpene Profile:

As a strain with very strong potency, you’ll find the following terpenes in Highly Dutch Organic Amsterdam sativa:

Strain Effects

Many users say that the Amsterdam Sativa strain leaves them with a mild mental high and a strong body buzz. It’s this pleasant euphoric effect that tends to be highly sought-after because it offers a chill and satisfying high without the after-effects of wanting to crawl into bed.

It’s perfect for those wanting to feel creative, energetic, focused, happy and inspired. User reviews suggest pairing this strain when an energy boost is needed, or you’re planning a trip to explore your local botanical gardens!

Amsterdam Sativa’s packaging side by side with the buds

How to Grow Amsterdam Sativa

Growing Amsterdam Sativa is quite the art. Considering it’s a new strain, any specific information on how you can grow it yourself is yet to be released.

While we all patiently wait to see how we can grow this amazing strain by ourselves, let’s break down what we already know about how Highly Dutch Organic brings this masterpiece to life.

The company behind Amsterdam Sativa strongly believes that good weed grows using the best of nature—and that’s exactly what they bring to the plants in their greenhouse. They keep a close watch on the living soil and root beds while ensuring that they use naturally-sourced rainwater that keeps the plants happy and healthy.

Each plant is grown in a hybrid greenhouse in Ancaster, Ontario and is also supported by sun-assisted LED grow room lighting. Made with 100% organic goodness, you’d also be impressed by the fact that 100% of plant waste where they’re grown is recycled on local community farms.

Similar Strains to Amsterdam Sativa

Because of its floral yet citrus flavour, you could say that Amsterdam Sativa is similar to a few different strains, however, the organic, potency-packed elements of this unique strain are unmatched.

Here’s a few that stack up in effects, flavour, and aroma:

Where to Buy Highly Dutch Organic Amsterdam Sativa

There’s nothing quite like Amsterdam Sativa—Highly Dutch Organic truly dreamed up a masterpiece with this one. If you’re looking to add it to your stash, you’ve landed in the right place.

You’ll find this incredible strain (and more!) at your neighbourhood True North Cannabis Co.

If you’d like to learn more about the Amsterdam Sativa strain, reach out to us or drop by any of our local dispensaries across Ontario! We love sharing facts about good organic weed.

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