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10 Things To Learn About Cannabis Terpenes

Published On:
August 10, 2021

Read time:
3 Minutes

If you’re wondering where the taste and smell of your favourite strain comes from, you have cannabis terpenes to thank for that. Cannabis terpenes are responsible for what you smell when you hold a nug close to your nose, or even from afar. 

Understanding cannabis terpenes will make you appreciate the plants even more, and in this post, we will discuss some important cannabis terpene facts that you need to know. 

What Are Cannabis Terpenes and What Do They Do? 

Cannabis terpenes are aromatic oils that provide the plants with its colours, distinctive flavours, and smell. Terpenes are the ones doing the work when you notice hints of different notes from a strain, such as berry, pine, mint, citrus, and so on. They are also the ones giving the bud its striking colours and hues, creating an attractiveness that we all know and fall for. 

Cannabis experts and budtenders claim that most consumers rely on THC content when it comes to choosing a strain. However, they suggest that focusing more on understanding certain terpene profiles can bring you closer to getting your preferred effects.

With that being said, here are 10 fast facts about cannabis terpenes that should jumpstart your path to knowledge! 

 a flowering cannabis plant

10 Things You Should Know About Cannabis Terpenes 

1. Cannabis terpenes may play a huge role in differentiating the effects of strains. Some terpenes might offer      relaxation and stress relief, while other terpenes can promote mental clarity and focus. 

2. Over 100 cannabis terpenes have been identified, and each strain has a unique set terpene composition and type. Common ones include Myrcene, which can make up as much as 65% of the total terpene profile in some selected strains. 

3. Terpinolene is a cannabis terpene known to offer energizing effects and is dominant in strains such as Jack Herer and Sour Diesel. 

4. The effects of cannabis terpene profiles can change with the presence of other cannabis compounds (such as THC or CBD), also known as the entourage effect phenomenon.

5. Cannabis terpenes may add therapeutic value to the strain, based on their unique properties that can be beneficial to heal certain ailments or conditions. 

6. Cannabis terpenes provide depth to the art of cultivating cannabis, giving subtle differences that cannabis cannasseurs take pleasure in noting and differentiating.

7. In other plants, terpenes protect them from harsh weather conditions and possible predators. As for marijuana, researchers believe that cannabis terpenes are effective in classifying different cannabis products and strains and predicting effects. 

8. While some are considered psychoactive as they affect the brain, cannabis terpenes will not get you high. Cannabis terpenes are not intoxicating but may impact the effects of THC, the famous cannabinoid that provides the buzz. 

9. There are some studies suggesting that heat-based cannabis consumption methods could degrade synthetic terpenes. Stick to vaping at a low temperature or consuming edibles if you are after specific effects. 

10. Read the labels and check the freshness of a certain product if you want to find out more about its terpene profile. The three most dominant cannabis terpenes and their concentrations are indicated on the label, especially for lab-tested cannabis brands. Always go for the ones with the most recent package date, as cannabis terpenes tend to lose their intensity over time. 

a woman smelling cannabis terpenes

Cannabis Terpenes: An Overview 

While research surrounding cannabis terpenes is still limited, cannabis analysis labs are starting to test terpene content, so consumers can have a better understanding of the set of effects that strains can produce. Cannabis terpenes carry unlimited combinations of potential synergistic effects, allowing room for cannabis research development. 

It is also important to note that while cannabinoids and cannabis terpenes play a huge role in creating the effects of strains, your past experience on smoking, and the setting in which you smoke up, can also affect how you feel. 

While cannabis terpenes are just one part of the whole experience, understanding and learning them can become an interesting way to pick and choose which products suit you most!

Want Strains with Top-Grade Terpenes? Let True North Cannabis Co. Guide You! 

True North Cannabis Co. is Ontario’s largest retail cannabis shop, with 14 stores – and counting – all across the province. Our goal is to make quality cannabis products accessible and affordable to everyone, including those who wish to try strains with different terpene profiles! 

Visit any of our locations, or contact us to find out more about our offerings specific to each location. Talk to one of our experienced budtenders and ask them about terpene profiles and which ones can work well for your desired effects.

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